About Us

Antioch Educational Center currently serves more of Jasper County’s low-income residents than any other non-profit in the state of South Carolina. AEC also serves residents in Beaufort and Hampton Counties.

Antioch Educational Center is governed by a Board of Directors, who develop policies and procedures for the organization. Next, the Directors relay these policies and procedures to the Executive Director for implementation.

AEC Staffing

During 2018, Antioch Educational Center (AEC) had a small administrative staff in the form of a full time Executive Director and a part-time (25 hours a week) Administrative Assistant. In October of 2018, AEC also hired its first part-time (20 hours a week) Legal Assistant to assist with a new expungement program funded by the South Carolina Bar Foundation.

In the form of support staffing, AEC has a full-time Communications Receptionist who answers AEC’s many, many phone calls received annually. AEC also has a part-time bookkeeper who does payroll and payroll taxes.

AEC has a regular seasonal (summer months) Summer Youth Work Program (SYWP) Administrator. AEC took on its first full time Literacy Coach, who assists with the training and implementation of Peeka throughout the region. AEC part-time staff also includes a highly trained and motivated Registered Nurse who teaches its Nursing Assistant Program. 

In addition to the regular staff, AEC continues to attract dedicated volunteers who choose to help on a one-time project or continue their valuable contribution of time throughout the year. Currently, AEC benefits from 191 regular volunteers.

Meet the Team

“The Antioch Educational Center is proud of the work it’s doing in Jasper, Hampton, and Beaufort Counties.  Literally tens of thousands have been assisted through the programs and services offered through our organization. However, not very much would be accomplished without the assistance of the many friends and volunteers of AEC.  Therefore, on behalf of all who have received services from AEC, I want to thank you for your support.”

Jackie O’Bannon
Executive Director


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