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AEC is governed by a Board of Directors.  Among our highly qualified Board Members are former state legislators, educators, bank managers, auditors, and more. AEC works with a small administrative staff. In addition to its regular staff, AEC continues to attract dedicated volunteers who have chosen to help on a one-time project or continue their valuable contribution of time throughout the year.  Currently, AEC benefits from 167 regular volunteers. Please contact our office for additional information.   

Message from the Executive Director

AEC is proud of the work it is doing throughout the Lowcountry region. Because of the great need that exists, AEC is looking forward to expanding its services into Bamberg and Colleton Counties during the latter part of 2020 and early 2021.

Since 2008, literally tens of thousands have been assisted through the programs and services offered through AEC. However, not very much would have been accomplished without the assistance of our many friends and volunteers.  On behalf of AEC’s team and all who have received services, I want to thank you for your generosity and support.   It never ceases to amaze me how people of good will always step forward in the darkest hours. Together we are providing the anchor that so many of our neighbors need to transition into a better quality of life.

I have no doubt that as a community, we will come through this Coronavirus stronger and closer than ever. TOGETHER we are improving the quality of life for more of our neighbors.

Jackie O’Bannon
Executive Director

AEC Recognizes the Late Congressman John Lewis

Recently, I wrote to a personal acquaintance of Representative John Lewis in an effort to comfort him.  Please read his heartwarming response … one that I hope reflects all who are affiliated with the Antioch Educational Center. Let’s keep working TOGETHER.
– Jackie O’Bannon, Executive Director

“I was with [John Lewis] on a number of occasions and we had personal conversations.  Conversations that affirmed my belief in our shared humanity as the first order of life.  I understand this is not a popular perspective these days, but John Lewis believed in concurrence.  We are different, but we are not different.  Ideology aligns with idealism to secure the paradox of life.  Good and evil exist external to the good will that relentlessly recruits us to our essential redeemed self.  Even while we get lost in the day to day competition to gain the highest ground in a rising sea. 

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